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Please check our FAQ[1] to find answers to your questions regarding registration, login and use of the portal as well as additional solutions and services. Further use cases are provided in in this blog post[2].

These are just a few useful tips for search queries in the Implisense portal:

1. Simple full-text search

The simple full-text search searches, among other things, the websites of the companies. It can be used for products as well as for technologies or certifications. A time reference is also possible. Sometimes it is necessary to use the full-text search with alternative formulations for the same subject matter to obtain a comprehensive search result.

2. Combination of full-text search with filters

The portal offers standard filters by location, industry and size of companies. These filters can be combined with the search as desired. This way, companies can be found in a more targeted manner.

3. Pure filtering without search

Of course, suitable companies can be found with a combination of filters even without a full-text search.

4. Think outside the box

We would like to encourage you to think outside the box! After all, according to our experience, non-obvious ways sometimes guide easier to the goal.

5. Further search queries

Additionally, in our blog you will find an article with more popular search queries[3]. In another blog post, we explain how the suggestion function works[4] using hands-on examples.


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